A downloadable game for Windows

A Tower Defense  Survival game, inspired from the Jurassic Park WC3 Map. 

In the current build, use
WASD to move. Left-click to build. Right-click to destroy.
Collect yellow spheres to gain building points.
Watch the power meter on the right. (Each building costs 2 power)
Use the blue sphere in the middle to choose an upgrade!
Each upgrade costs 1 yellow sphere.

Don't block the enemies! They'll get angry!

The project is still in a very early stage. As I continue development,
I will refine the gameplay, add more buildings and polish the aesthetic.

Improving the building mechanics is next on the list.
Followed by improving enemy spawning and overall interaction.

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Published Aug 11, 2017
StatusIn development
TagsCute, Survival, Tower Defense


Belphry's Gridworld.zip 11 MB